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Upcoming Events  from: 12/04/2016
There will be an additional Service Charge on All Special Events

Dec 04th | 07:00PM Howard Aronin | Burbank | $10.00
"Burbank Com. Fest. "    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Cheri Hodge
Headliner: Howard Aronin
Stand Up: Aliye AJ
Stand Up: Ryan Ciecwisz
Stand Up: Carlos Delgado
Stand Up: Erikka Innes
Stand Up: John McKay
Stand Up: Bradlys Philoctete
Stand Up: Andres Taboada
Stand Up: Brooklyn Jones  
Dec 04th | 09:00PM Dan Telfer | Burbank | $10.00
Buy Tickets Emcee: George K. Burns
Headliner: Dan Telfer
Stand Up: Dalton Alfortish
Stand Up: Robbie Bevmore
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Matt Derndack
Stand Up: Julie Follette
Stand Up: William Gilliam
Stand Up: Jordan Kurtzman
Stand Up: Jay Nelson
Stand Up: Michael Schirtzer  
Dec 04th | 09:00PM Show Your Shortz | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Amy Albert
Short Film : Thats Opportunity Knocking
Short Film : Disney #Setlife
Short Film : Writing
Short Film : Body Mind Spirit
Short Film : Handsome Police
Short Film : All About That Mace Short Film 3 Min
Short Film : Why Your Server Hates You  
Dec 04th | 04:00PM BAR - 4pm - Flappers University Student Open Mic | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Roxy Cook
Emcee: Paul Douglas Moomjean  
Dec 04th | 07:00PM Kenn Edwin | Claremont | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Marcus Griffin
Headliner: Kenn Edwin
Stand Up: Anne Flagg
Stand Up: Titus Jones
Stand Up: Anthony Stone  
Dec 04th | 05:00PM Vintage Comedy With Marty Ross | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Marty Ross
Stand Up: Armando Anto
Stand Up: Helen Hong
Stand Up: Tamer Kattan
Stand Up: Eric Schwartz
Stand Up: Ksenia Valenti
Stand Up: Richard Villa
Stand Up: Irina Voronina
Stand Up: Pauline Yasuda  
Dec 04th | 07:00PM Jeff Garlin | Burbank | $20.00
"Curb Your Enthusiasm"    
SOLD OUT Emcee: Dave Reinitz
Headliner: Jeff Garlin  
Dec 05th | 10:00PM Jonathan Horowitz | Burbank | $20.00     Buy Tickets Headliner: Jonathan Horowitz
Improv Group: Rascal
Improv Group: Business Casual
Improv Group: The YOU Convention  
Dec 05th | 08:30PM Open Mic Mondays | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Kaycee Smith
Emcee: Brian McDaniel  
Dec 05th | 08:00PM Jim Jefferies | Burbank | $20.00
Buy Tickets
Special Event
Emcee: Forrest Shaw
Headliner: Jim Jefferies  
Dec 06th | 08:00PM UCCC Clydes Semi Finals 1 | Burbank | $20.00   Flyer   Buy Tickets
Special Event
Emcee: Jose Barrientos
Half Time/Math Time: The Show
Stand Up: Yousef Abu-Taleb
Stand Up: Zahra Ali
Stand Up: Holly Anabel Brown
Stand Up: Henry Crouch
Stand Up: Ray Easter
Stand Up: Steve Gillespie
Stand Up: Greg Lynch
Stand Up: Grant Michael Palmer
Stand Up: Greg Roque
Stand Up: Brooklyn Jones  
Dec 06th | 10:00PM Dana Eagle | Burbank | $10.00
"The Late Late Show"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Peter Marr
Headliner: Dana Eagle
Stand Up: Rob Banks
Stand Up: Rob Darocha
Stand Up: Richie Gaines
Stand Up: Caitlin Gilbert
Stand Up: Charlene Mae
Stand Up: Ryan Pfeiffer
Stand Up: Sam Taha
Stand Up: Ri Versteegh  
Dec 06th | 05:00PM Wheel of Comedy Open Microphone | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Patrick Moore  
Dec 06th | 10:30PM BAR - 10:30pm - No Blender Bar Show Tues | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Cheri Hodge  
Dec 06th | 07:00PM Flappers University Advanced Student Showcase | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Producer: Dave Reinitz
Stand Up: Howard Aronin
Stand Up: Adam Bahner
Stand Up: Steph Barkley
Stand Up: Greg Benevent
Stand Up: Stephanie Erb
Stand Up: Jann Hoffman
Stand Up: Julie O Leary
Stand Up: Liz Reed
Stand Up: Joshua Snyder  
Dec 06th | 09:00PM Flappers University Advanced Student Showcase | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Kyle Chrise
Producer: Dave Reinitz
Stand Up: PJ Baio
Stand Up: Roxy Cook
Stand Up: Deanna Dickson
Stand Up: Ian Hanley
Stand Up: Mischa McCortney
Stand Up: Paul Douglas Moomjean
Stand Up: Samantha Rund
Stand Up: Cat Alvarado
Stand Up: Nick Wuthrich  
Dec 07th | 08:00PM Jim Ruel | Burbank | $20.00
"Showtime -Goin Native"    
Buy Tickets Feature: Shishonia Livingston
Headliner: Jim Ruel
Producer: Joseph Quintana
Stand Up: Raajeev Aggerwhil
Stand Up: Serykah Aggerwhil
Stand Up: Dakota Black
Stand Up: Miguel Fierro
Stand Up: Carol Leifer
Stand Up: Meera Manek
Stand Up: Dave Reinitz  
Dec 07th | 10:00PM UCCC Clydes Semi Finals 2 | Burbank | $20.00   Flyer   Buy Tickets
Special Event
Emcee: Jose Barrientos
Math Time: Deven Green- Comedy Duo
Stand Up: Kari Assad
Stand Up: Eljae Brown
Stand Up: Lynn Dilmani
Stand Up: Jordan Doll
Stand Up: Isaac Hirsch
Stand Up: Willie Macc
Stand Up: Alex Oliver
Stand Up: Hanoch Serebrenick
Stand Up: Lynn Stein
Stand Up: Kara Dyan Whitfield  
Dec 07th | 07:30PM Gareth Reynolds | Burbank | $10.00
"MTV's Failosophy"    
Buy Tickets Headliner: Gareth Reynolds
Stand Up: Erin Alexis
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Roxy Cook
Stand Up: Nik Dodani
Stand Up: Tom Froehlich
Stand Up: Kevin Paniagua
Stand Up: Dan Pena
Stand Up: Ray Reynolds  
Dec 07th | 09:30PM Damienne Merlina | Burbank | $10.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Meegan Kelleher
Headliner: Damienne Merlina
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Angel Croley
Stand Up: Sarah Dorfman
Stand Up: Sherra Lasley
Stand Up: Tema Louise Sall
Stand Up: Melissa Shoshahi
Stand Up: Victoria Tapia
Stand Up: Tracy Wallace  
Dec 07th | 10:30PM BAR - 10:30pm - No Blender Bar Show Wed | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Samantha Rund
Emcee: Jessi Milestone  
Dec 07th | 06:00PM MR Happy Hour Auditions_Wed | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Dave Reinitz
Producer: Barbara Holliday
Producer: Ken Pringle
Producer: Crystal Charee  
Dec 07th | 04:30PM FlappCast- Behind the Funny | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Barbara Holliday
Emcee: Joshua Snyder  
Dec 08th | 10:00PM Lisa Alvarado | Burbank | $10.00
"Last Comic Standing"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Rachel McDowell
Headliner: Lisa Alvarado
Stand Up: Camilla Cleese
Stand Up: Lauren Davis
Stand Up: Ashley Diane Currie
Stand Up: Angela Dirksen
Stand Up: A.B.
Stand Up: Anna Gillcrist
Stand Up: Meredith Knesevitch
Stand Up: Tracie Walker  
Dec 08th | 09:30PM Darren Carter | Burbank | $10.00
"The Tonight Show"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: Denise Vasquez
Headliner: Darren Carter
Musical Comedian: Randy Martinez
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Alesia Etinoff
Stand Up: Julian Fernandez
Stand Up: Adam Feuerberg
Stand Up: Pallavi Gunalan
Stand Up: Comedian Kali
Stand Up: Daralyn Kelleher
Stand Up: Keith Kelly  
Dec 08th | 06:00PM MR Happy Hour Auditions | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: Crystal Charee
Emcee: Dave Reinitz  
Dec 08th | 08:00PM Auntie Clares Comedy Contest Soup or Bowl Round 7 | Claremont | $15.00     Buy Tickets
Special Event
Celebrity Judge : Barbara Holliday
Emcee: Joel Bryant
Half Time/Math Time: Matt Price
Stand Up: Todd Bonnet
Stand Up: George F.
Stand Up: Jaleesa Johnson
Stand Up: Frank Martinez
Stand Up: Wendy Richards
Stand Up: Josh Michaels
Stand Up: Juan Cias
Stand Up: David Shine
Stand Up: Robert Zoref  
Dec 08th | 07:30PM Dwayne Perkins | Burbank | $10.00
"Tonight Show"    
Buy Tickets Emcee: James Creviston
Headliner: Dwayne Perkins
Stand Up: Karen Knotts
Stand Up: Joby Saad  
Dec 08th | 08:00PM Stand-Up for Flint a Fundraiser | Burbank | $20.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Sarah J.
Stand Up: Mike Bobbitt
Stand Up: Ricarlo Flanagan
Stand Up: Meera Manek
Stand Up: Corbin Recke
Stand Up: Dave Reinitz
Stand Up: Trevor Smith
Stand Up: Zach Stein
Stand Up: Ron Taylor
Stand Up: Shondalia White  
Dec 08th | 10:00PM Open Mic | Claremont | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Josh Michaels
Emcee: Jim Barnes  
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