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Upcoming Events  from: 12/02/2023
There will be an additional Service Charge on All Special Events

Dec 02nd | 04:30PM Two Milk Minimum | Burbank | $20.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Michael Rayner
Headliner: Two Milk Minimum  
Dec 02nd | 09:30PM Speakeasy Showcase | Burbank | $25.00     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Kyle Chrise
Emcee: Greg Benevent
Feature: Surprise Celebrity Guest(s)
Headliner: Speakeasy Showcase
Stand Up: Charlie Bruchez1
Stand Up: Steph Clark
Stand Up: Krystle Drew
Stand Up: Justin Foster
Stand Up: Adam Fynke
Stand Up: Mary Gallagher
Stand Up: Heather Gardner
Stand Up: Brittanie Hitchcock
Stand Up: Kimani
Stand Up: Stephen Leksell
Stand Up: Phil Moya
Stand Up: Adam Newman
Stand Up: Dave Reinitz
Stand Up: marlena rodriguez
Stand Up: Zack Strunin
Stand Up: Chelsea Sullivan
Stand Up: Denise Wax  
Dec 02nd | 07:30PM Superstar Saturdays | Burbank | $30.00
Buy Tickets
Special Event
Emcee: Nina Dicker
Headliner: Superstar Saturdays
Stand Up: Fumi Abe
Stand Up: Joey Bragg
Stand Up: Jimmy Dore
Stand Up: G King
Stand Up: Tracey MacDonald
Stand Up: Ken Napzok
Stand Up: Josh Nasar
Stand Up: Sasha Nezlobin
Stand Up: Dave Reinitz  
Dec 02nd | 09:30PM The Big Thing Comedy Show | Burbank | $30.00     Buy Tickets
Special Event
Feature: Kristian Harloff
Headliner: The Big Thing Comedy Show  
Dec 02nd | 09:30PM Kristian Harloff | Burbank | $50.00     SOLD OUT Headliner: Kristian Harloff  
Dec 02nd | 03:00PM Kid's Improv Class (7-13 Years Old) 3pm - 4pm | | $99.00     Buy Tickets Instructor: Mary Gallagher  
Dec 03rd | 07:30PM Selebrity Sundays | Burbank | $25.00     Buy Tickets
Special Event
Emcee: Julia Li
Feature: Adam Ferrara
Stand Up: Fumi Abe
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest(s)
Stand Up: Jamal Doman
Stand Up: Luke Mones  
Dec 03rd | 07:00PM Ray Lau | Burbank | $15.00     SOLD OUT Emcee: Sara Dee
Headliner: Ray Lau
Stand Up: Dan Dowling  
Dec 03rd | 05:00PM Sunday Funday | Burbank | $25.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Mary Gallagher
Headliner: Sunday Funday
Producer: Samantha Hale
Stand Up: Jason Bierfeld
Stand Up: Felipe Chamon
Stand Up: B.C. DeMattei
Stand Up: Sui Duong
Stand Up: Amy Geist
Stand Up: Jim Hands
Stand Up: Jen Kucsak
Stand Up: Leo McLaughlin
Stand Up: Jennifer North
Stand Up: Atorrey Parish
Stand Up: Maya Spielman
Stand Up: Brooke waldrop
Stand Up: Alan Wolfe  
Dec 03rd | 05:00PM Flappers University Present's The Early Bird Gets The Laughs | Burbank | $25.00     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Sara Dee
Emcee: Dan Dowling
Producer: Heidi Langenfeld
Stand Up: Uki Amaechi
Stand Up: Elina Blazhiyevska
Stand Up: Samantha Ditto
Stand Up: Henry Franco
Stand Up: Sheri Johnson
Stand Up: Michael Quiros
Stand Up: Adam Schwartz
Stand Up: Robert Siegrist
Stand Up: Dominika van Santen
Stand Up: Dylan Watson  
Dec 03rd | 04:00PM Flappers University Student Mic | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Emcee: PJ Baio
Emcee: Andrea Vicunia  
Dec 03rd | 08:30PM No Blender Bar Show | Burbank | $5.00     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Anna Koroknyai
Emcee: Tevin Scott
Headliner: No Blender Bar Show  
Dec 04th | 08:00PM Lesley Wolff Presents Fresh Faces | Burbank | $25.00     Buy Tickets Headliner: Lesley Wolff Presents Fresh Faces
Stand Up: Brianna Ahlmark
Stand Up: Meredith Baker
Stand Up: Fred Belford
Stand Up: Julie Golden
Stand Up: Noah Grossman
Stand Up: Katherine Hicks
Stand Up: Conrad Le Bron
Stand Up: Emily Maverick
Stand Up: Max Ozer
Stand Up: Cheryl Lee Scott
Stand Up: Jay Shore
Stand Up: Mike Stevens
Stand Up: Lesley Wolff  
Dec 04th | 07:30PM Move Up Mondays | Burbank | $20.00     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Denny Glasser
Emcee: Bileko Wissa
Feature: Surprise Celebrity Guest(s)
Headliner: Move Up Mondays
Stand Up: Myers Clark
Stand Up: Jacoby Curry
Stand Up: Alyssa Fox
Stand Up: Shea Freeman
Stand Up: Chase Legorreta
Stand Up: Brandon Loren
Stand Up: Circe
Stand Up: Graham Schafer
Stand Up: Tim Young  
Dec 04th | 09:00PM No Blender Bar Show | Burbank | $5.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Nicole Blessing
Headliner: No Blender Bar Show  
Dec 04th | 06:30PM LGBTQ Open Mic | Burbank | $5.00     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Sean Bloomstine
Emcee: Jennifer North
Headliner: LGBTQ Open Mic  
Dec 05th | 07:30PM Diversity Showcase | Burbank | $20.00     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Katie Dudley
Emcee: Steven Ward
Feature: Hazel Calderon
Headliner: Diversity Showcase
Stand Up: Nick Alexander
Stand Up: Jose Barrientos
Stand Up: Terry Bu
Stand Up: Sara Dee
Stand Up: Jamie Hendrix
Stand Up: Donald Lett
Stand Up: Julia Li
Stand Up: Brandon Loren
Stand Up: Alec Mouhibian
Stand Up: Schylur Noble
Stand Up: Tevin Scott
Stand Up: Reggie Williams  
Dec 05th | 08:00PM Frankie Quinones | Burbank | $25.00     Buy Tickets
Special Event
Headliner: Frankie Quinones  
Dec 05th | 09:00PM No Blender Bar Show | Burbank | $5.00     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Justin Borland
Emcee: Reggie Williams
Headliner: No Blender Bar Show  
Dec 05th | 06:30PM Yoo Hoo Open Mic | Burbank | $5.00     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Cynthia Clark
Emcee: Katerina Villegas
Headliner: Yoo Hoo Open Mic  
Dec 06th | 06:30PM Happy Hour Auditions | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     Buy Tickets Headliner: Happy Hour Auditions
Producer: Joshua Snyder  
Dec 06th | 07:30PM Lauren Harding | Burbank | $25.00
"BCF Best Fest 22"    
Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Jason Luna
Emcee: Julia Li
Headliner: Lauren Harding
Stand Up: Brandon Loren  
Dec 06th | 09:00PM No Blender Bar Show | Burbank | $5.00     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Dion Skinner
Emcee: Reuben Emmanuel
Emcee: courtney haynes
Headliner: No Blender Bar Show  
Dec 06th | 05:00PM Yoo Hoo Open Mic | Burbank | $8.00     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Darius Johnson
Emcee: Jason Luna
Headliner: Yoo Hoo Open Mic  
Dec 06th | 08:00PM Ahmed Ahmed And Friends | Burbank | $25.00     Buy Tickets
Special Event
Feature: Ahmed Ahmed
Headliner: Ahmed Ahmed And Friends
Stand Up: Blake Bartee
Stand Up: Michelle MaliZaki
Stand Up: Raymond Montoya
Stand Up: Paul Rodriguez  
Dec 07th | 08:00PM Jay Leno | Burbank | $32.00
"You Bet Your Life"    
Buy Tickets
Special Event
Emcee: Pallavi Gunalan
Headliner: Jay Leno
Stand Up: Jimmy Brogan  
Dec 07th | 07:30PM Danna Lafaye Kiel | Burbank | $15.00     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Cynthia Clark
Emcee: Casara Clark
Headliner: Danna Lafaye Kiel
Stand Up: Brandon Loren  
Dec 07th | 09:00PM Thursday No Blender Open Mic Bar Show | Burbank | $5.00     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Nina Dicker
Emcee: Alex Berg  
Dec 07th | 06:30PM Oh Yes Its Ladies Mic | Burbank | $5.00     Buy Tickets Co-Emcee: Kerstin Porter
Emcee: Erin Mohr
Headliner: Oh Yes Its Ladies Mic  
Dec 07th | 05:00PM Yoo Hoo Open Mic | Burbank | $15.00     Buy Tickets Emcee: Julia Li
Headliner: Yoo Hoo Open Mic  
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