Flappers Comedy Club and Restaurant
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Uncle Clyde's Comedy Contest

YH -Flapper's Funnies Wednesdays |  Flappers Comedy Club
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Mar 31st | 08:00PM MR-Celebrity Drop In Tuesday | Burbank | $10.00    Emcee: Richy Leis
Stand Up: Emilia Barrosse
Stand Up: Joe Bartnick
Stand Up: Kevin Bozeman
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Grant Cotter
Stand Up: Thomas Dale
Stand Up: Gemma Flores
Stand Up: Amir Gollan
Stand Up: Mia Jackson
Stand Up: Amir K
Stand Up: Harrison Lampert
Stand Up: Beth Stelling  
Mar 31st | 10:30PM BAR- No Blender Bar Show Tues 12am | Burbank | FREE TICKETS    Emcee: Cheri Hodge  
Mar 31st | 07:30PM Jackie Kashian | Burbank | $10.00    Emcee: Dave Reinitz
Feature: Jimmy Dore
Feature: Dana Eagle
Feature: Dan Greenberg
Feature: Olivia Harewood
Feature: Michael Rayner
Feature: Shondalia White
Headliner: Jackie Kashian
Producer: Crystal Charee  
Mar 31st | 10:00PM Gareth Reynolds | Burbank | $10.00    Emcee: Joshua Snyder
Headliner: Gareth Reynolds
Stand Up: Surprise Celebrity Guest
Stand Up: Chris Gehrt
Stand Up: Dan St Germain
Stand Up: Melinda Hughes
Stand Up: Jackie Nash
Stand Up: Dan Levy
Stand Up: Esther Povitsky
Stand Up: Melissa Villasenor  
Mar 31st | 09:30PM YH-Flappers University Advanced Student Showcase | Burbank | $10.00    Emcee: Clarke McMakin
Producer: Dave Reinitz
Stand Up: Raajeev Aggerwhil
Stand Up: Kyle Chrise
Stand Up: Pete DAlessandro
Stand Up: Julian Fernandez
Stand Up: Julian Fernandez
Stand Up: Steven Haas
Stand Up: Elizabeth Klingele
Stand Up: Chris Kostelofsky
Stand Up: Kristal Oates
Stand Up: Brent Parris
Stand Up: Liz Shihadeh
Stand Up: Mihkel Teemant  
Mar 31st | 05:00PM MR Tues Happy Hour Open Mic Show | Burbank | FREE TICKETS     
Mar 31st | 05:00PM Alex Ortiz | Burbank | FREE TICKETS    Emcee: Barbara Holliday
Headliner: Alex Ortiz
Stand Up: Johnny Kwon
Stand Up: Joshua Snyder
Stand Up: Mihkel J Teemant  
Mar 31st | 07:00PM STAND UP: Advanced | Burbank | $350.00    Instructor: Dave Reinitz