Fruit Cocktail - LGBT  Friendly.

Fruit Cocktail - LGBT Friendly
February 21st, 2013 at 8:00PM
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Flappers Comedy Club Claremont
532 W First Street , Claremont, CA 91711

TICKETS: $10.00
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Claremont's first, only and funniest LGBT comedy show. 1st 25 people who arrive receive a free Hooly shot Glass.

Also Starring:

Hooly busted on the scene in 2006 after a dare to try comedy- with her talent exposed she immediately started booking gigs all over. Mentored by Margaret Cho her first year in comedy Hooly developed her own style of raw comedy. She speaks freely about her sex life with both men and women. She is an advocate for gay rights and a figure in the Southern California gay community. She pokes fun and her family and no one is safe, not even her paraplegic dad who can sometimes be seen laughing in the audience. She co-produces a monthly LGBTQ friendly show at Flapper's Claremont location.
Comedian Alex Orosco

Do you have a gay in your life? If not get Alex! Taking the IE by storm and giving it a little Sugar and Spice!
Comedian Eric Hahn

Grew up in the heartlands of Ohio where there's a lot of farms and Amish people. Moved to LA pursuing a career in restaurant management until he discovered he hated restaurant management. Decided to go where the money is and continues to look for fortune. Until then he does stand up comedy anywhere that will have him. Oh he sings too. And hand models.
Comedian Kymedienne Jackson
Kymedienne always had a funny sense of humor about herself. She can make people laugh when they are feeling down. It was about 1998 that she started to notice that people around her were always laughing at what she did just by living day to day life. She would encounter different people and situations that seemed to humor people from all walks of life. She decided to pursue a comedy career professionally. She began her comedy career in 2006 at Ontario Improv Comedy School with the help of her comedy instructors Johnny Dam and Gary Cannon. She performed at the Ontario Improv in front of 300 people. The audience received her well. Kymedienne's true passion and talent is comedy



12/07/16 8PM Clydes Semi Finals 2
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank