Flappers Comedy Club and Restaurant
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ONE DAY: Being a Better Host/Emcee- Burbank Comedy.

ONE DAY: Being a Better Host/Emcee- Burbank Comedy
August 18th, 2014 at 10:00AM
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Flappers Comedy Club Burbank
102 East Magnolia, Burbank, CA 91502

TICKETS: $49.00
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A show emcee or host is an integral part of the success or failure of a stand up show. An emcee is responsible for keeping the energy up in the room, connecting with the crowd and getting them excited about each comic that comes to the stage. Come learn how to perfect your skills as an emcee so you can continue to get booked in this one day workshop for stand up comics.

Whether you´re a comedian looking to start emceeing, or an experienced emcee wanting to take your skill set up a notch, you won´t want to miss this 3 hour intense Emcee workshop. Space is limited, reserve your spot.

In this class you'll learn:
+ MC DOs and DON'Ts
+ Greeting an audience
+ What is considered appropriate material for hosting
+ Emcee etiquette
+ Reading an audience
+ Keeping it clean (as the MC)
+ Club announcements
+ Getting the names of other comics correct
+ Intros/Passing the mic
+ Watching the show
+ Closing the show
+ Getting feedback
+ Open Mic Host VS. Show Host


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