De Mann


He was conceived in Aisle 4 by his 16 year old, bi-polar mom and her 18 year old butcher, boyfriend, and then raised by his Jehovah´s Witness Grandma in a Chicago Housing project until the ripe age of 12 when he went to live with his dad and got liberated into the bachelor life. He danced before he walked and cussed before he talked and by third grade he realized his ability to captivate neighborhood audiences with his superior talent and uncensored, ruthless humor. Dancer, musician, theatre, film and voiceover actor, writer, comedian – he is more than Hollywood´s version of a triple-threat; he is a showman and a storyteller. To the stage he brings the grace of Fred Astaire, the flare of Michael Jackson and the unapologetic rawness of Robin Harris. An overly –freckled black ginger he is De Mann, or as his mother affectionately calls him, M****F****!

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