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Josh is a pedantic constitutional scholar who will be defending his dissertation again in front of a non receptive audience who are expecting to see comedy.
For the first 20 minutes he will give an overview of his knowledge, then a 3 hour vigorous deep dive into Article 42.
Josh Bercu is also a disciple of the internationally extremely important guru Chakra Bati.
His blessed Bati, with quantum prayer alone, according to Not Not People magazine " Has healed entire nations from his living room ".
Mr. Bati rose to national infamy for yelling at TMZ, slapping cameramen and screaming- " My name is NOT Chakrabate. It is BATI ... The letter B A T I ! "
Josh Bercu is also known for traditional standup, talking about his life and always bringing excitement to everyone's favorite comedy topic, recounts of clinical depression!

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