Tour Calendar MONTH VIEW
10/26/2016 12:00AM Various     brotherTHE  
10/29/2016 9:00PM Escape Room Game Master at SDSU - Nightmare on Montezuma  Los Angeles , CA  Cheri Hodge  
10/31/2016 5:00PM Escape Room Game Master  Los Angeles , CA  Jose Barrientos  
11/04/2016 9:00PM Comedy Night with Drew Lynch   Wayne, NE  Drew Lynch  
11/04/2016 11:00PM DJ Demers and Samuel Comroe at St Josephs University  Manchester, NH  D.J. Demers  
11/09/2016 8:00PM Stardome Comedy Club  Birmingham, AL  Drew Lynch  
11/10/2016 8:00PM University of South Carolina  Columbia, SC  Damienne Merlina
Drew Lynch
D.J. Demers  
11/11/2016 8:00PM Seminole Theatre - Homestead  Homestead, FL  Drew Lynch  
11/15/2016 4:00PM Improv Training At Turner   Atlanta, GA  Gillian Bellinger  
11/16/2016 8:00PM High Point University  High Point, NC  D.J. Demers  
11/16/2016 7:30PM Hard Rock - Sioux City  Sioux City, IA  Drew Lynch  
11/17/2016 8:00PM Kel Mitchell at College of New Jersey  Ewing, NJ  Kel Mitchell  
11/17/2016 7:30PM Penguins Comedy Club  Cedar Rapids, IA  Drew Lynch  
11/17/2016 9:30PM DJ Demers at Marymount University  Arlington, VA  D.J. Demers  
11/18/2016 8:00PM Wright State University  Dayton, OH  Joshua Seth  
11/18/2016 8:00PM Carroll College  Helena, MT  D.J. Demers  
11/18/2016 7:30PM Diamond Jo Casino  Northwood, IA  Drew Lynch  
11/19/2016 6:00PM Mystique Casino  Dubuque, IA  Drew Lynch  
11/28/2016 7:00PM Drew Lynch at SAC  Springfield, MO  Drew Lynch  
11/29/2016 7:30PM Funny Bone -Toledo (At Fat Fish Blue)  Perrysburg, OH  Drew Lynch  
11/30/2016 7:00PM Improv - Cleveland  Cleveland, OH  Drew Lynch  
11/30/2016 10:00PM Simpson College  Indianola, IA  Taylor Tomlinson  
12/02/2016 7:00PM Florida Southern College  Lakeland, FL  D.J. Demers  
12/12/2016 7:00PM Funny Bone - Columbus  Columbus, OH  Drew Lynch  
12/13/2016 7:00PM Funny Bone - Dayton  Dayton, OH  Drew Lynch  
12/14/2016 7:00PM Funny Bone - Liberty  Liberty Township, OH  Drew Lynch  
12/15/2016 8:00PM Comedy Zone - Greenville  Greenville, SC  Drew Lynch  
12/16/2016 1:30PM Michael Rayner Adult Appreciation Night  Granada Hills , CA  Michael Rayner  
01/19/2017 8:00PM Cal State Hayward Auditorium     Taylor Tomlinson  
01/20/2017 8:00PM University of Wisconsin- Whitewater  Whitewater, WI  Drew Lynch  
01/28/2017 8:00PM DJ Demers at Maryville University   St. Louis, MO  D.J. Demers  
02/03/2017 8:00PM Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott  Prescott, AZ  D.J. Demers  
02/07/2017 7:00PM Ferris State University  Big Rapids, MI  Kel Mitchell  
02/17/2017 8:00PM Funny Fridays at Morningside College  Sioux City, IA  Kristin Key  
02/23/2017 8:00PM Comedy for a Cause Fundraiser  Birmingham, AL  D.J. Demers  
03/31/2017 7:00PM Northern State University  Aberdeen, SD  Drew Lynch  
04/01/2017 8:00PM The Dreams Heard Foundation  Nashua, NH  D.J. Demers  
04/04/2017 8:00PM Minot State University  Minot, ND  Drew Lynch  
04/05/2017 8:00PM University of Wisconsin- La Crosse  La Crosse, WI  Drew Lynch  
04/06/2017 9:00PM University of Iowa   Iowa City, IA  Drew Lynch  
04/07/2017 8:15PM Missouri University of Science & Technology  Rolla , MO  Kel Mitchell  
04/12/2017 10:00PM Simpson College  Indianola, IA  D.J. Demers  
04/17/2017 8:00PM Damienne Merlina at Suny Oneonta  Oneonta, NY  Damienne Merlina  
09/26/2017 8:00PM 1st Annual Walter Gretzky and Friends Golf Tournament  Duncan, BC  Drew Lynch  
10/20/2017 12:00PM Hilton Garden Inn Troy NY    Laura Hayden