Shaman Johal

Experienced Bartender Stand-up Comedian Bachlors of science in Kinesiology Played many sports: Track and field, soccer, wrestling, boxing, and swimming Speak english, spainish, and punjabi, but I can fake all other languages and their accents in english Very good with my mouth ( voice acting, sound effects, beatboxing, etc.) Have a very multi ethnic look ( you can't tell what I am) A true character actor, I Daniel Day Lewis everything, I don't act I become Great sense of humor and I'm modest wow! Know that every role no matter how small, is important Blind people think I'm sexy Have a great love for life that many people seem not to have these days I love humans (I'm a people person)

06/20/18 7PM Eclectic Comedy Show
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank- Yoo Hoo Room