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Born, 1953, in The City of Brotherly Love, Lee G. Kushner soon discovered that many of his peers and elders did not embody that philosophy. Lee allowed his more aggressive, older brother to deal with the resultant difficulties, while he retreated to the safety of his imagination, crafting bizarre, but entertaining, stories, a book, jokes- and revenge fantasies. In the 1990's (Philly, Charlotte), Lee was the male lead in stage comedies like Lysistrata and Neil Simon's, The Good Doctor. Lee is a favorably reviewed writer, having composed a musical play concerning Al Jolson, and a full-length, animated feature. Lee arrived in L.A. on the eve of the Iraqi War, overcame vicarious PTSD, and started doing comedy, appearing at the Improv, Laugh Factory, The Hollywood Hotel, etc. His comedy/impersonations externalize his social-political disgruntlement, and leave his personal life in the closet, where it belongs!