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Adi Gordan
Neon Venus
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Kansas City native Adi Gordan has performed in venues all over the country, but has made LA his stomping ground for the past 2 and half years. He was a member of Stitch Tactics Improv Troupe at the University of Kansas. Adi loves making crowds of all colors, shapes and sizes laughing their pants off... unless they're not wearing pants. Then it's just kinda awkward. And possibly uncomfortable. I guess a skirt is ok. If you're a girl. Or just roll that way. No judgement here! But he's a really awesome guy and you should totally watch him... you'll definitely laugh. Maybe. Probably. But, uh, I don't wanna make any guarantees because I don't even know you, so... I mean... Well you get the point. He's a funny guy.

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