Flappers Gift-A-Meal Deal Program

Flappers Gift A Meal Deal –  We are starting a Gift Card Program for comedians who are in need of basic food and groceries.  We are asking generous donors to purchase a Flappers Comedy Club Gift Card and then we are gifting 100% of the gift cards back out to “comedians in our community” in $50.00 increments so they can get basic food and groceries. 

When donating, please fill out the form and address it TO:
Flappers Gift A Meal Deal

And make the recipient “ComedianInNeed@FlappersComedy.com”

If you are a local comedian that is in need of assistance Please add yourself to the List by filling out the form below.  This is a first come first serve program and we will do our best to help everyone we can. This form and all answers are confidential.

Thank You Our Generous Donors!
as of 04/27/2020

Samantha Senall Derrick Chevalier
(H-C, Inc.
Doug Ecks (X) Raymond Ma Nikki Brayden
Paul Moomjean Tania Holliday Victoria Holliday
Greg Benevent Anonymous2Howard Aronin
Denzil Myers Alice Payne Bob Ooten
Martha McClure Anonymous3 Ariane Kamp
Anonymous4 Lisa Polumbi Valerie Coleman
David Sweetman Christopher TitusRachel Bradley
Rick Locke Deanna DicksonKimberly Clark
Doug Ecks
@loveiscthulhu on twitter