Kristina Kelley
Semi-Finalist Yaaas Fest
Midwest Queer Comedy Fest
Broadway Comedy Club
Greenwich Village Comedy
Eastville Comedy Club

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Kristina grew up as a child of so, so many divorces and sisters in small-town Texas before coming to New York City to become the best redheaded lesbian high school teacher the South Bronx had ever seen. Her comedy is the result of a life bifurcated by the cultural and political extremes of small town rural America and NYC’s LGTBQ+ community.
She’s a wholesome, down-home, storyteller coming to stage with the heartfelt, eldest sister/teacher energy that immediately collides with the outrageous delivery of her shameless and unabashed jokes. Her material draws on her outsider experiences as a gay ‘90s kid from an unconventional rural family with a wild coming-of-age story as a NYC transplant.

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