We were greeted with a smile…

What a fantastic night! The last time I went to Flappers would have been years ago. Too many, that I don’t even remember. So this is a fresh review of everything about the place! From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with a smile and taken to some seats. We got to choose our seats, and that was great! After being seated, the server came over and helped us to choose our drinks and what we wanted to eat. My friend and I split a pizza and the Buffalo fries. The pizza was really good! Not to mention when you do a social media check in, Flappers gives you a free chocolate chip cookie, and it was tasty as well! Tony Baker and friends was an excellent show for a Monday night, full of non-stop laughs! Tony Baker is a fabulous host and super funny comedian! I will definitely return to Flappers the next time I’m in the Los Angeles area because it was a great experience.

Donna L.

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