Comedian Audition Information

Updated 1/31/22

1) Our Burbank location holds Auditions every Wednesday. The auditions are hosted by our club bookers and/or owners. Sign-up start at 5:30pm, Auditions go from 6pm-7pm. Each comedian will be given 2 minutes of stage time. We can generally get through about 20-25 comedians.

2) Please join our comedians email list immediately. When we are cleared to re-open, we will be emailing information on taking the next steps.

The order you would perform in would go:

  • First Timers — Comedians who have never auditioned at the club or who have never tried stand-up before. We will also put people who haven’t auditioned in over a year on this list.
  • Bump List — Comedians who tried to audition previously, but we ran out of time.
  • Previously Auditioned — Any comedian who has previously auditioned within the last year and is looking for spots, or to re-acquaint us with his/her comedy.

If it’s your first time trying stand-up, ever, we will bake you a fresh, chocolate-chip cookie. We know that doing stand-up, especially your first time, is pretty scary, so we do this in order to sweetly welcome you into the comedy community.

We are a developmental club so we book spots for beginners all the way through headliners, and if you start with us, we are looking to develop you into an emcee, a feature, and eventually, a headliner (this will take several years). It may take a few times of auditioning before getting booked, and even after you’re booked, we like to see you every couple of months or so on our Previously Auditioned list so that we can a) see how you’re growing as a comedian if you’re newer to comedy or b) just to be reminded of how great you are if you’re more established. Generally, we’ll start you out with quick spots and then as we get to know you, build up to longer spots, more important shows, etc. Because we have so many more comedians to keep track of than other clubs, it is necessary to stay on our radar by calling/emailing avails and dropping by auditions once in a while if you haven’t heard from us in a while.

If we want to book you after your audition, we will send you two emails; a Talent Update Profile Request and a Booking Agreement. The profile request offers instructions and log-in information so that you can upload a headshot, write a bio, and add your social media information to our database. Then, any time that you’re booked on a show, your information will automatically populate the website flyer for the show that you’re on. The Booking Agreement will have all of the information for the show we’d like to book you on: time, date, location, how much time you’re doing, who is on the show with you, etc. If the date we send you works for you, awesome. Go ahead and click the “accept terms” and digitally sign your booking agreement. If the date/time we send does not work for you, click the “Can’t Do Date” button located next to where you would have signed. You’ll want to follow-up with an email to let us know some dates that DO work for you. This is a crucial part of being re-booked.

After auditions are over, whenever possible, we do offer feedback and answer questions one-on-one on the patio. “We” are our club booker(s)/owner(s) and sometimes the Dean of our Flappers University (or FU) — where learning is a joke.

Keep in mind that although we do want to work with many comedians with various levels of skill and approaches to comedy, it is possible that we may not find your brand of humor suitable for our club. We don’t promise to book everyone who auditions; however, we pride ourselves on our willingness and ability to recognize unique talents and will do our best to give everyone a fair chance to develop and showcase your talents here.

NOTE: On rare occasions, our auditions may be cancelled if it is a holiday or if we are bought out for a location shoot or during the Burbank Comedy Festival. Always double check our calendar or call ahead to make sure auditions are happening as scheduled.