Comedian Auditions & FAQ

Flappers Comedy Club and Restaurant strives to create a positive and supportive community for both established comedians and up-and-coming talent. We have opportunities for comedians at all levels, and actively encourage the development of new talent.

What we ask of comedians at ALL levels:
Be funny:

*Be the best you can be with:
-Joke Structure
-Stage presence
-Your unique and authentic point of view.
Need help with any of this – we have CLASSES.

*Please do your best work when booked on shows – Please save trying new material for the open mics. We’re getting more and more industry watching the shows – you never know who might be watching your act!

*There are no content restrictions – we tell guests that all shows are R-rated. Clean Comedy and Dirty Comedy are fine if it is FUNNY.

Be professional:
*Please arrive at least 30 minutes early for shows.

*Please treat staff/guests/fellow comedians with kindness & respect. if ANY staff member asks you to do anything, please follow their directions – remember, EVERYONE who works at the comedy club is the booker…

*Please give the celebrities and headliners space – they are here to work and focus on their material. Please only go to the greenroom if you are on the line-up for the show. This is not the time for networking.

*We book all shows in advance. Please do not ask to go up that night.

*Comedians are welcome to watch the NON-SPECIAL-EVENT shows for free – PROVIDED there are seats available. We will ask you to PLEASE RESPECT the two item minimum per person.

*If you are not on a show, please do not stand in the back and watch – we are asking that you either take a seat (if available) or hang out in the bar/patio area. This is for security and safety reasons.

*There are no backpacks/bags allowed in the club – again, for security and safety reasons.

*Please do not bring outside food or beverage into the club.

*There is no outside recording of any kind allowed in the club for a variety of reasons. We record and archive all shows and open mics, and they are available for purchase.

Be Supportive:
*Please promote the shows you are booked on via text, email, social media, etc and sell tickets.

*We will do our best to send updated ticket links and guests counts. It is everyone’s responsibility to assist in promoting their appearances and generating audiences.

Comedians who do ALL THREE consistently will create more opportunities with us. If you are asking to be booked and/or if you accept a booking agreement from us, the implied agreement is that you will abide by all three of the above directives.

We prefer to see live auditions over tape, and comedians who audition in person will receive priority. Auditions are held every Wednesday from 6:30-7:30 PM at our Burbank location. Comedians must register on-line in advance. Be prepared to show us your best 2-minute set. After the audition, you will receive feedback from the booking department and possibly be booked that day. Please Click HERE to sign up for auditions.

Please note that the booking department may ask you to audition SEVERAL TIMES, even after you are booked once.


Please submit a tape of a 5 min set to and we will do our best to accommodate you. The “who, what, where, when, and why” of who you are as a comedian should be answered within the first 90 seconds of the tape.


Q: I have auditioned before and have been booked. Why am I being asked to audition again?
A: Reasons for this vary from person to person. Sometimes, it’s simply because we haven’t seen you and would like to assess how you are developing.

Q: What is the path to “working my way up” the Flappers booking ladder?
A: Each comedian is different. You are creating a long-term relationship with the club. Some comedians develop more quickly than others and move up faster. Typically, comedians begin by doing spots in the Yoo Hoo room, and then move onto the Uncle Clyde’s Comedy Contest. From there, some develop as Emcees, while others begin producing their own shows. Comedians who develop their careers (i.e. build followings, attain work in the industry as performers or writers, or begin working with headliners on the road) often develop with Flappers in parallel. Comedians who write and perform every day (even if it’s open mics) tend to develop more quickly than comedians who don’t. LA is a very competitive market right now, with new comics coming in from all over the world every day. We do our best to find opportunities for as many comedians as we can. That said, longer sets, the chance to open for bigger names, and headliner opportunities are ultimately bestowed to those who are FUNNY, PROFESSIONAL, and SUPPORTIVE.

Q: I am interested in being a house emcee. How do I do that?
A: We offer a monthly One-Day Emcee workshop – please visit to sign up. We ask all comedians interested in emceeing to attend this workshop. Attending the workshop does not guarantee that you will be an emcee, but the information in the workshop will explain what qualifications we are looking for and what the responsibilities entail.

Q: Are the spots paid?
A: We have a mix of paid and unpaid spots. Compensation varies depending upon skill level, experience, professionalism, and the ability to sell tickets.

Q: Do I have to work clean?
A: Short answer, no. HOWEVER – comedians who work clean or who are on the cleaner side will have more opportunities than comedians who don’t.

Q: I have auditioned one or more times and have not been booked. Why?
A: Please attend the feedback after the audition, where the booking department can discuss this with you. To reiterate, we strive to create a positive, supportive, and professional community. Comedians who are funny (see above), professional (see above) and supportive (see above) will create more opportunities with us.

Q: I just performed in a Flappers show. Now what?
A: You are ALWAYS welcome to audition for another spot. We may also reach out and proactively book you for a spot, but this is not always guaranteed.

Q: Will I be penalized if I reject a booking?
A: Not at all – in fact, if you can’t do a specific date, the sooner we know, the better. Please click “can’t do” on your booking agreement and respond with dates that work for you.

Q: I used to get booked all the time, but I’m not anymore – what happened?
A: Please come to the auditions – 99% of the time, it’s due to the fact that there are thousands of comedians in our database and you may have simply fallen through the cracks.

Q: I’m only being booked on Yoo Hoo Room shows. How can I get a Mainroom booking?
A: Come to the auditions and deliver your best two-minute set. Attend the feedback afterwards to get notes on what you need to do to qualify for mainroom shows.

Q: I am a veteran headlining comedian – why should I have to audition?
A: Due to overwhelming requests from comedians, agents, and managers, it is virtually impossible for us to manage every online request. The live auditions are the best way to be seen by the booking department, to meet the staff, and begin to develop a relationship with the club.

Q: But seriously – I’ve been in the business for 20 years. I headline clubs and colleges!!
A: We have nothing but respect for comedian and industry veterans. It’s simply a matter of quantity – there are thousands of you, and very few of us. Please be patient with us. We’re doing our best! Come to the auditions!

Q: Ok, so I’ve been told that I have a history of being unsupportive, unfunny and/or unprofessional. What do I do now?
A: We don’t believe in “banning” anyone unless they do something so egregious, their behavior runs counter to creating a positive, supportive, and professional environment. We also believe that, where possible, there should always be a path to redemption. The best thing to do would be to come to the audition and then stay for the feedback afterwards. Please be respectful to the staff when they outline the reasons for why you may not be getting booked, and please be open-minded about our critique. We want the best for everyone, and for everyone to succeed, AND we must also do everything we can to ensure that guests, staff, and comedians can continue to attend, work, and perform in a positive, supportive, and professional community.

Please sign up for our comedians email list. We send a weekly email with audition information, festival updates, opportunities for comedians, and job postings.