Comedians-Social Media Checklist

Flappers Social Media Talent Checklist
Revision Date: 1/31/22

We have a resident Social Media Coordinator at Flappers Comedy Club to help you promote your gigs via social media!

Here is a quick checklist of actions that can help pack your show out. If you have any questions, would like our help, or have ideas you’d like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us:

TEXTING: If you text “Burbank” to 766-26, you can opt in to our text list so that if Bill Burr or Whitney Cummings drops into your shows, you’ll be the first to know and you can forward the text to all your friends! We only send out two texts a week, and will let you know when the BIGGEST names are dropping in.

PERSONAL WEBSITE: If you have your own website, share the info about your show on it! Go to the show detail page on our website Go to the calendar page and locate your show date and time. Post the show on your website’s calendar, upcoming events page, or anywhere prominent.

CREATE A FLYER: It’s easier to make a flyer than you might think! Just take a photo (either of you onstage, a creative headshot, or other funny photo) and add text over it with the date, time and location of your show, along with info about how to get tickets. There are plenty free tools to do this on, like Canva, Phonto, InShot or even Instagram’s story feature.

VIDEO: Post a short (15-60s) video clip of your set with captions. Choose a joke that starts and ends in the clip, as opposed to a segment of a longer joke. Promote the day and time of your show in the caption on all platforms, primarily Instagram.

STORIES: Post to your IG stories throughout the week with a range of content! You can talk directly to the camera, re-post your flyer, etc. Be creative to keep your audience engaged!

SCHEDULE: Post 4 times about the event. Two weeks prior, one week prior, a few days prior and a reminder day-of. On the day-of, utilize IG stories and other creative ways to get on that last minute radar!

FACEBOOK: Like the Flappers page, the FU page, and the Two Milk Minimum page. Be sure to tag the related FB pages when sharing updates about your show!

TWITTER: Follow @FlappersComedy. Tweet your show link and and we’ll re-tweet you. You can also start a conversation with us on Twitter. Our banter will promote your show to your audience!

INSTAGRAM: Post the show flyer or other related images on both your main feed and your story, and tag @FlappersComedy.  Don’t forget to add the show’s ticket link in your bio! We try to send out discount links two weeks and a week prior to your show. If you haven’t received that/those e-mail(s), please contact us ASAP if you would like a discount ticket link to your show to share on social media.

HASHTAGS: You should use hashtags on all social media platforms, as they will make your posts show up in people’s feeds who may not even follow you, but follow the hashtag. It’s a great way to expand the reach of your posts to more than just the people who already know you. Along with the hashtags #flappers and #flapperscomedy, think of words/topics related to your show and try tagging things that your audience might be searching for like: #funny, #comedy, #standup, #burbank, etc.

Thank you for your participation in promoting your booking. We are excited to have you perform!