Flappers offers an exciting opportunity for interns looking to work in the comedy business.   All internships are non-paid three month internships in which students can discover what the comedy business is all about. We offer internships in a variety of departments with the opportunity for potential future employment, discounts on classes and opportunities to meet and connect with business professionals. Working directly with Flappers Comedy Club employees to gain a better understanding of marketing and promoting a comedy business overall.   Real world job skills to use in the entertainment business. Unlimited Comp Tickets to Shows for intern and up to 10 guests  (Excluding Special Events marked in Red on the Calendar) during the internship period only. All Guests must observe the 2 item min in the showroom.

Past interns have gone on to:
-Become Flappers Approved Emcees and Features
-Produce shows (and make money doing it!) at Flappers and abroad
-Participate in the Burbank Comedy Festival
-Obtain employment at Flappers

NOTE: we DO NOT compensate internships with stage time.  However, many interns have used their internship experience to enhance their talent, professionalism, and ability to support the club.  As a result, over time, and with a lot of work, they have become approved emcees and features.

Manager: Paul Douglas Moomjean | | 818-845-9721

FLAPPERS UNIVERSITY INTERN Overview: Flappers University Intern will assist the Dean of Classes with school administration scheduling, rescheduling, and confirming students and instructors for classes, and emailing and assist students with enrollment and registration into classes. Intern will learn and implement marketing techniques, including email marketing, and creative strategies, that will benefit them in any professional administrative position. 

H2F COMEDY PRODUCTIONS- Off-Site Booking Intern: Will assist with scheduling, rescheduling, and confirming comedians for off-site events. Their internship will include learning how to create contracts with schools and talent, as well as creating a relationship with clubs, casinos, cruise ships, and colleges. The intern will observe, discover, and implement skills such as networking, negotiation, and talent management. 

PRODUCTION INTERN: Will assist booker with scheduling, rescheduling, and confirming comedians for upcoming events, and email and help performers learn how to market shows and build a fan base. Intern will learn and implement marketing techniques, including email marketing, and creative strategies, that will enable them to produce, sell, and stage manage a live comedy event.  

YOO HOO SHOWRUNNER INTERN:   Will learn the fundamentals of how to greet & seat guests in the 60 Seat YooHoo room. They will also learn how to run the soundboard and music during a comedy show, and how to video record comedians sets, as well as adding content to all of the major social media platforms during shows (esp. Fri & Sat) by taking photos of comedians & guests and uploading them to Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, etc.