There are NO REFUNDS after purchase of a class. Students can request a gift card or a roll over to the NEXT SESSION only. After the next session has started, only gift cards can be given as a form or reimbursement.
Flappers University: School of Comedy believes that comedy is truly an art-form. Whether we are talking about performance or writing, a combination of raw talent and technique is required to be most successful. Through our approach to stand up comedy and writing, our students will learn in a safe and fun environment where they can be authentic, inspired and successful.
Our students come from all walks of life. Doctors. Lawyers. Lyft Drivers. All are welcome to give stand up or writing the “old college try.” We have had numerous students go on to write for late night TV, perform on television, or just become more successful at their day job by having the confidence to make co-workers and clients laugh while they build a relationship.
Throughout our different courses, workshops, and specialty open mics, our students are part of a comedy community. Build life-long relationships and make friends through the Flappers University system.
We are also providing pathways for comedians looking to be comedians, speakers, writers, and producers. Whether you are already a working comedian or looking to make it your profession, or simply want to come and have fun, we can help you find your voice in any area of life you want to excel at!
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