Claremont Fundraiser Request Form

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Preferred Event Date (Sundays at 5pm are almost always available; Tues or Thurs 8pm):

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Charitable Organization (CO) Name:

Is this Organization classified as 501 [C3]?

In order to secure/hold the date, Flappers Comedy Club requires the Charitable Organization (CO) to pre-purchase a minimum of 30 tickets – at $20.00 Each. You can purchase the tickets in two payments. 50% up front and pay the remaining 50% on night of show. We will label them with the date of your event, you resell them for $20.00 or MORE.

Flappers Comedy, LLC agrees to provide ticket/door staff, servers, bartenders, and comedians for the even. Expenses: We REQUEST a stipend of $25.00 to be paid to each comedian for expenses. These monies will be paid directly to the comedians out of ticket sales and prior to any monies paid to CO.

Flappers can book all the talent needed for your fundraiser – UNLESS you tell us otherwise

Flappers Comedy, LLC requires a guarantee of 30 attendees be met on night of event. Even if 30 tickets are sold, but 30 people do not attend, Flappers requires a minimum Food and Beverage Guarantee of at least 30 Attendees present in the room purchasing two items each. If this minimum is not reached, the house will need a Food And Beverage Guarantee of $400 to hold the room (which can come directly from ticket sales). If 30 or more people attend, CO gets 50% of the ticket sales.


Flappers Comedy, LLC has the full control and right to cancel, move, or change a show based on the overall needs of the club.

Flappers Comedy, LLC is not liable for any legal disputes between CO, talent or audience.

Flappers will donate an LOL Pass (Lifetime of Laughs Pass) Value of $1000.00 to be auctioned off that evening. Checks will be made directly to your organization.

Other suggestions for raising funds: if you bring some attractively packaged raffle prizes and/or baskets of prizes, bring them with you the night of the show, and we will help organize and provide the MC, Raffle Tickets, and Bin to hold tickets.

CO agrees to market and promote to their members by using their personal, social media, and mailing lists. IT IS PRIMARILY YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BRING IN THE CROWD FOR YOUR SHOW.

CO will provide a copy of your non-profit 501 C3 paperwork.

I have read the above fundraising terms and conditions and am willing/able to agree to them

I Agree