5 Tips To Make  A Bad Improv Scene Good While Its Happening

byJessica Fishenfeld Job interview. Wedding toast. First date. Public speaking. Cocktail party. Teaching a class. Pitch presentation. Talk show guest. Crowd work. Any of these situations causing your stomach to churn a little (or a lot) just thinking about them? Congratulations! You are a human being! But wait… what if I told you I had […]

Pitching What’s Really Important

By Steve Jarczak Picture this… You’re at a party in an overcrowded Hollywood apartment, minding your own business (and trying to deduce the supermarket origins of the hummus platter) when a friend-of-a-friend starts talking excitedly at you about the “game-changing” screenplay he just finished. “What’s it about?” you ask, naively overlooking the manic glimmer in […]

Storytelling For Comedians by Christine Blackburn

Here’s the crux of storytelling- When you share a good story, you create high doses of cortisol and adrenaline in the audience- HORMONES! Endorphins- make people laughOxytocin- Creates a trust, a bond… create empathyAnd Dopamine- Focus Motivation, Memory Why should you tell it as a story? Because a story has meaning. Since we are all human beings, […]