Kaiser Permanente Teambuilding Training | LA – Pasadena – Oakland – Portland-Hawaii |

2017 & 2018
Working with the Flappers University team has been an amazing journey. I have had the pleasure of partnering with Barbara, Gillian and Landon for the past 2 years, and I must say, as someone who works with 3rd party vendors a lot, they make it so easy!!

What I appreciate is the time they take up front to understand the culture/environment that they are coming into and catering examples to be very specific to the audience.  Improv can be so intimidating for people, especially when you are working in the Finance world, but they create a safe space that has people leaving thankful, excited and raving about the experience.

Actual Feedback from Kaiser Participants:

“Love the Improv, definitely pushed some of us out of our comfort zone! Very insightful! Trainers are great, very positive!”

“The improv session is a wonderful way to teach effective communication in a fun way.”

“Gillian & Landon are a dynamic due. Awesome way to educate.”

“Improve trainers were great – I’ve been through something similar before and this was a much better version.”

Sonia R Jensen
Financial Leadership Institute
Upper Management & New Employee Training


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