Show Your Shortz (And Scare Us Out Of Them) 48 Hr Film Festival

Flappers Comedy Club and Restaurant proudly presents “Show Your Shortz (And Scare Us Out Of Them)” – a new 48-Hr Horror Comedy Film Festival Contest! Preliminary rounds occur every Monday in October at 7:30pm Pacific Time. The Final round occurs on Halloween, 10/31 7:30pm Pacific Time. All shows take place in Flappers Yoo Hoo Zoom Room! People of […]

An unanticipated benefit was having access through the zoom chats to both comics and industry to exchange contact without disrupting the show or missing the next act.

Barbara, Dave and Josh: Congratulations on such a successful Covidy Festival.  You guys really made it work.  And not just work….  there were some elements that we LOVED.  Though we miss live performances, the obvious benefits were being able to see so many comedians from all over the world without getting dressed, driving, for those […]

…The variety of classes that were offered was really wonderful too! Some I didn’t even realize I would need to know…

Dear Barbara, Joshua, and Paul,I’m writing this now before the Best of Fest show at 12:30am and I’m too keyed up and can’t form a sentence to express myself appropriately. (And I’m so thrilled and honored to be a part of that!! Thank you!) Thank you for everything you have done for everyone for these past […]

“Thanks for giving the older dudes and dudettes a chance.”

Dear Barbara, Josh, Paul, Ira and everyone at Flappers (including all of your wonderful emcees),You and your team did a real mitzvah last week by gathering together our comedy tribeand letting us do what we love to do.Thank you.Barbara, you have two fans in Carole Montgomery and Julia Scotti.I was just on their streaming show, […]

What’s The Virtual Deal With Comedy Festivals in Summer 2020?

Posted By Sean L. McCarthy | August 14th, 2020 We’re not enjoying comedy festivals in the summer of 2020 like we used to. Obviously. But can we still enjoy them at all? That’s the burning question that three different organizations across America are trying to solve this weekend, while one venue in Pennsylvania is attempting […]

7th Annual Burbank CoVedy Festival

We would like to invite you to join us for the 7th Annual Burbank CoVedy Festival – August 9th through 22nd  (The First Ever Entirely Virtual International Comedy Festival) featuring shows, podcasts,  and Q&As with Michael Rapaport, Rob Paulsen, Jackie Kashian, Jimmy Pardo, Laurie Kilmartin, Jimmy Dore,  and more soon to be announced.  Presented and […]