5 Tips To Make  A Bad Improv Scene Good While Its Happening

byJessica Fishenfeld Job interview. Wedding toast. First date. Public speaking. Cocktail party. Teaching a class. Pitch presentation. Talk show guest. Crowd work. Any of these situations causing your stomach to churn a little (or a lot) just thinking about them? Congratulations! You are a human being! But wait… what if I told you I had […]

Pitching What’s Really Important

By Steve Jarczak Picture this… You’re at a party in an overcrowded Hollywood apartment, minding your own business (and trying to deduce the supermarket origins of the hummus platter) when a friend-of-a-friend starts talking excitedly at you about the “game-changing” screenplay he just finished. “What’s it about?” you ask, naively overlooking the manic glimmer in […]

Storytelling For Comedians by Christine Blackburn

Here’s the crux of storytelling- When you share a good story, you create high doses of cortisol and adrenaline in the audience- HORMONES! Endorphins- make people laughOxytocin- Creates a trust, a bond… create empathyAnd Dopamine- Focus Motivation, Memory Why should you tell it as a story? Because a story has meaning. Since we are all human beings, […]


FLAPPERS BOX OFFICE POSITION –11/23/2022 Looking for a highly motivated, smiling and friendly outgoing personality to greet guests, act as a ticket cashier and assist with seating. Responsible for overall cleanliness of the Lobby and Ticket areas. Maintaining and keeping up with promotional posters and marquee signage. Maintaining inventory of promotional items. Ability to type […]

Leno Gives Back to Flappers Comedy Club

Click HERE for full Burbank Leader story Over the years, numerous entertainers have been indelibly associated with Burbank: From Ron Howard who grew up here and attended John Burroughs High School, and Gary Owens, the announcer on the 1960s comedy show “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In,” who coined the phrase “Beautiful Downtown Burbank,” to Johnny Carson […]