Session | Stand Up Level 1-3 | Instructor: Ken Pringle

I started taking classes in March of 2017, and if you aspire to be a comic or are already trying your hand at open mic nights I highly suggest taking a course at Flappers University.
If you have been told you are a funny person and people enjoy your story telling F.U. will help you structure your sense of humor in a way that you can entertain a crowd of strangers. It helps if you are naturally funny but as long as you have the desire to be better F.U. will help. Comedy is a science and Ken Pringle my instructor can be compared to Bill Nye The Science Guy minus all the climate change haters. He provides the knowledge but allows you to work the problems. In my opinion its the best way to learn and develop your own style. The classes were fun and everyone was very supportive and available for advice. There are many levels of courses and as I progress in comedy I know where to further my education. Thanks again to Flappers and Ken Pringle.

Cesar Ruiz


Flappers Comedy Club Claremont

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