Storytelling For Comedians by Christine Blackburn

Here’s the crux of storytelling- When you share a good story, you create high doses of cortisol and adrenaline in the audience- HORMONES! 
Endorphins- make people laughOxytocin- Creates a trust, a bond… create empathyAnd Dopamine- Focus Motivation, Memory 
Why should you tell it as a story? Because a story has meaning. Since we are all human beings, our brains remember. If you tell a story well, people will pay attention to you and remember your story.
A story is not an anecdote! An anecdote is just something that happens, but it doesn’t change you.
The first question you need to ask yourself is WHY are you telling us this story? What does is mean to you? What happened? Show authenticity. 
Don’t try to be original, if you tell the truth, you’re original. The best way to determine which story to tell is to think about what gave you an “Ah-ha!” moment. 
What was the epiphany you had? Here are a few ideas to think about- The moment you fell in love.The moment you knew someone was lying to you. The moment you knew life would never be the same. Tell us about this moment and tell it as a story!
Have a clear structure- You must have a beginning, middle and end. Narrow the scope of your story… you DO NOT need to add every detail. Here’s an idea- Choose a clear beginning AND ending. Then write the key plot events as bullet points between them. The audience will follow you!
Embrace Conflict- In order to be satisfied with a happy ending, the audience has to watch the main character struggle to achieve their goals. 
One more thing. The story has to be about YOU. It cannot be about your sister’s abortion or your cousin’s wedding. The story has to begin with “I”. We want YOUR experience. You really are that interesting!

Christine Blackburn is a 3-time MOTH story winner, author of the book: PIT to LAX: My Story Worthy Life, and has contributed to The Huffington Post. She recently celebrated ten years and six-hundred and thirty episodes as Producer and host of the weekly story-telling podcast “Story Worthy,” Christine has interviewed some of the biggest names in show business. Over the last ten years the stories have ranged from laugh-out-funny to heart-wrenching but always with a positive message.
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